12 Guidelines for Widows, and Suggestions for Husbands


This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:

Aging and Investing: The Risk of Cognitive Impairment

Cognitive impairment afflicts approximately half of all 80-year-olds. However, there are steps investors can take to protect themselves financially. This interview with Harvard professor David Laibson covers how the risks of cognitive impairment and dementia impact investing decisions.

12 Guidelines for Widows, and Suggestions for Husbands

The death of a spouse can be a traumatic event. If the deceased spouse was also the one who handled the family’s finances, the challenges increase. Here are 12 guidelines that can help a widow (or widower) avoid common mistakes and gain control of her (or his) finances following the loss of a spouse.

Life After a Loss: 6 Smart Steps for Coping With Widowhood

For a person who has recently lost a spouse and is confronting many changes in daily living, financial support and advice can be helpful. Here are some smart steps wise widows can take when the time is right for them.

The Impact of Aging on Cognitive Function

Research indicates that cognitive function peaks at 53 and highlights an upcoming challenge for aging investors: declining cognitive skills.

Our Member Question for this week is:

Robo-advisers are digital advisory services that use computer algorithms to select stocks and other investments for people based on the information people provide about their risk tolerance and goals. How much have you heard or read about robo-advisers before now?


Vote to answer this week’s Special Question: If you currently use a robo-adviser or are thinking of using one, why would you use a robo-adviser over investing yourself or using a human adviser? If you do not use a robo-adviser, what is the primary reason why you don’t?

Last Week’s Results:


Last week we asked our readers whether a company’s policies when it comes to corporate governance, the environment or social issues impact their decisions to buy its products or invest in it. The results, which some may find surprising, are discussed at the AAII Blog.

Financial Planning With AAII

The investment and financial decisions we make now can have a significant impact on our financial future as well as on your spouse and heirs. AAII has compiled a collection of financial planning resources to take the guesswork out of financial planning and help our members make informed decisions.


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