19 Year-End Financial and Investing Moves


This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:


19 Year-End Financial and Investing Moves19 Year-End Financial and Investing Moves

Actionable steps covering personal finance, estate planning, investing, retirement and taxes that investors should consider taking now before the new year.

The Individual Investor’s Guide to
Personal Tax Planning 2018

AAII’s annual tax and financial planning guide is designed to help you assess your current tax situation given the new tax law and plan for any changes that may improve your tax liability both this year and next.

Social Security and Medicare Can Raise Retirees’ Tax RatesSocial Security and Medicare Can Raise Retirees’ Tax Rates

Higher levels of income not only affect the taxation of Social Security benefits but can also lead to higher Medicare premiums.


Duties and Criteria for Selecting Trustees, Executors and Guardians

An overview of the duties and responsibilities connected with each of the three positions that play a vital role in the estate planning process and some criteria to use when considering the selection of an individual or an institution to fulfill one or all of these roles.

Our Member Question for this week is:

Looking back on 2018, have your investments done better or worse than you expected at the start of the year?


Vote to answer this week’s Special Question: What was your biggest investment success and failure this year?


Last Week’s Results:

AAII Survey: Are You Better Off Now Compared to a Year Ago?

Continuing our series of year-end questions, we asked our members and readers about their holiday spending plans and if they feel they are better off financially now than they were at this time last year.

Financial Planning Resources

The Financial Planning section of AAII.com focuses on the all-important element of personal finance. When most people think of financial planning, they automatically focus on retirement planning. While this is an important aspect of financial planning, it is not the only component. The “Financial Planning with AAII” area includes two useful guides: Lifetime Investment Strategy and AAII’s Tax Guide. These guides (benefits of AAII membership) help you master the guidelines for long-term successful portfolio management, as well as help you assess your current tax situation and plan for any changes. There is also a collection of must-read articles devoted to the topic of financial planning to assist you in achieving your financial goals.


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