AAII Investor Update: Is Facebook an Investment or a Trade?

Should you buy Facebook (FB) or avoid it? The answer depends on whether you are looking to speculate or invest.
Benjamin Graham defined speculation in his classic book “The Intelligent Investor” as primarily “anticipating and profiting from market fluctuations.” Conversely, he defined investing as “acquiring and holding suitable securities at suitable prices.” Notice the final two words used to describe investing: “suitable prices.” When it comes to investing, valuation matters—always.



Clueless: What Graduates Need to Know About Making Financial Decisions

Today’s college graduates are usually enthusiastic and well-trained in their discipline.But they are often clueless about financial matters.
Unfortunately, the fallback position is typically to do nothing. But these early-year “non-decisions” can have a detrimental effect on their financial well being throughout their working lives, and especially in retirement. If only they had known how important it is to make good decisions in these early-year financial matters!