Inflation or Slowing Economic Growth: Which Do You Fear More?


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Inherited IRA Rules for Spouses, Heirs and TrustsInherited IRA Rules for Spouses, Heirs and Trusts

Inherited IRAs have unique traits and do not follow all the same rules as traditional individual retirement accounts and Roth IRAs. Though some similarities exist, the applicable rules are dependent on whether the new owner of the account was married to the deceased. Even when the surviving spouse inherits the deceased’s IRAs, the applicable rules are dependent on the designation you choose.

What the Evolving Robo Advisory Industry Offers

Jaclyn N. McClellan

Online advisory services, or robo-advisers, are gaining in popularity. Much of the enticement of these online advisory services comes from the desire to remove human emotion from investment decisions. Computers do not fall in love with stocks, but people do. Other enticements include lower costs compared to traditional advisers and saving time by allowing a computer to choose, reallocate and rebalance investments. The robo advisory industry is constantly evolving and adapting with consolidation and new entries from big investment forms. This article tracks the changes that are taking place in the industry.

Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Made With Beneficiary DesignationsAvoid the Top 10 Mistakes Made With Beneficiary Designations

Estate planning truly is the ultimate gift for your loved ones. A comprehensive estate plan should always include a review of the titles and beneficiary designations for all assets. You want to ensure they are consistent with your estate planning goals. Otherwise, unintended consequences may ensue. Knowledge of the most common errors made with beneficiary designations can help you avoid the same mistakes.

How to Calculate Your Portfolio’s Return

The question every investor wants to know is: “How well am I doing?” Although some people are satisfied with simply watching the dollars grow, most investors want that translated into a performance figure. There are two ways you can calculate the return of your portfolio and this blog post walks you through the steps for both.

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Which of the following do you think is the best long-term investment considering a time horizon of at least 10 years?


Vote to answer this week’s Special Question: An AARP survey finds 45% of Americans ages 40 to 59 would rather see a dentist than meet with a financial adviser. If you have never met with a financial adviser, what are your reasons?

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AAII Survey: Retail Investors Fear Slowing Growth Over Inflation

The financial press is spending a lot of time on rising inflation and the chances that we have reached the peak level of growth for the current economic cycle. Last week’s AAII reader question asked whether equity investors are more worried about rising inflation or slowing economic growth. Also, GDP grew at its fastest pace in the second quarter since 2014. But is it sustainable? Our latest special question asked readers whether they think this level of growth is sustainable and the key factors influencing their opinion.

A Lifetime Investment Strategy

Originally authored by the founder of AAII, James B. Cloonan, this valuable publication shows you how to outperform professional money managers and the market over the long run. In addition, it will help you understand risk and its relationship to return. It’s not available in bookstores but is one of the many benefits of being an AAII member.



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