A Few Final Takeaways From 2017


As 2017 comes to an end, here are few observations I have I about what was a very good year for the financial markets.

  • During the next correction/bear market, remember that the stock market is also capable of realizing annual gains of 20% or more
  • Staying out of the market because you didn’t like President Trump or President Obama has been very costly
  • You’re investing for personal goals, not for year-by-year returns
  • If didn’t buy bitcoin early in 2017, question your ability to predict what it will do now or in the future
  • A disciplined approach to investing always matters greatly
  • If you get a tax cut next year, set up a direct deposit for the extra cash to go into a IRA (preferably a Roth IRA), 401k or other savings account. You’re already used to not having the extra money, so you shouldn’t miss it not going into your checking account now.

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