A Majority of Investors’ Year-End Allocations Close to Expectations


Last month’s special question asked AAII members how their current allocation compares to what they expected it to look like at the start of 2017. Slightly more than half of all respondents said their allocations were close to what they had anticipated. Approximately 25% of all respondents said they had more exposure to equities than they expected. Nearly 14% said they have more cash than anticipated.

Here is a sampling of the responses:

  • “About the same as I tweaked it during the year.”
  • “More stocks than predicted. I did not rebalance, just saw my stock holdings increase due to the market rise.”
  • “More cash than expected due to the overvalued market.”
  • “About where I expected.”
  • “More in stocks and less in cash than I had anticipated. I need to rebalance.”

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