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Feature Article:

Portfolio Strategies » Factors Allow Investors to Think Differently About Diversification

Tilting a portfolio to a small number of factors, including value and size, can increase returns while at the same time reducing risk.

In This Issue:

Portfolio Strategies » Asset Allocation, RMDs and Portfolio Survival

A diversified portfolio not only increases return relative to risk, it can also boost the amount of income provided by RMDs.

Trading Strategies » Rules for Drawing and Analyzing Trendlines

Trendlines can offer insights even though they have an artistic element to them. Using bar and line charts can help in their analysis.

First Cut » Stocks With Attractive Accrual Ratios

The 20 stocks with the least aggressive accounting, as defined by how much cash flow exceeds net income relative to average total assets.

Bonds » Closed-End Bond Funds Versus Individual Bonds: A Case Study

Closed-end bonds may look attractive based on their yields and discounts to net asset value, but there are pitfalls to watch out for.

Behavioral Finance » Overcoming Common Behavioral Errors

Changing the context in which data is viewed and using good mental shortcuts can help lead to better decisions.

Investor Professor » Company Size and Investment Returns

Small-cap stocks have historically realized higher returns than large-cap stocks, but this outperformance does not occur every year.

AAII Model Portfolios » Model Shadow Stock Portfolio: Handling Major Financial Statement Revisions

Major revisions to financial statements have been rare among Shadow Stocks; their mere occurrence is not reason alone for a stock’s removal.


Briefly Noted

Current news items of interest to individual investors.

Letters to the Editor

Members pose questions about leveraged and inverse funds and model ETF portfolios, and make suggestions on rebalancing scenarios and inherited IRAs.


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