AAII Journal November 2016 Issue Now Available


The November 2016 AAII Journal is

Now Available Online.


thumbnail AAII Cover ArticleFeature ArticleCompetition Has Made Indexing a Winner’s Game

  • Better analysis, more trading and more professional investors have made it even easier to lose at active investing, and win by indexing.



Also in This Issue:

Commonsense guidelines for buying the best investment, and determining the difference between a good story and a good investment.

An investment policy statement helps to guide your portfolio decisions by defining your strategy, expectations and evaluation criteria.

Consider the impact of each medical, financial and legal decision you have to make as well as your and your spouse’s vision for retirement.

The O’Neil approach seeks stocks whose characteristics mimic those of past big winners before they ascended into greatness.

Tax swaps and options can be used to maintain exposure to an investment sold at a loss in order to realize the loss for tax purposes.

Find out why foreign and small-cap stocks are excluded and how the new approach fits into an individual investor’s portfolio.

Readers comment on the scoring of active strategies and the taxing of charitable donations made from an IRA, plus critique the new Model Shadow Stock Portfolio momentum rule.

These informative articles are just a sample of the benefits to being an AAII member. To start becoming an effective manager of your own assets, consider a risk-free 30-day Trial AAII Membership.


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