AAII Journal October 2016 Issue

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thumbnail for October 2016 cover articleFeature ArticleWhat the Evolving Robo Advisory Industry Offers

  • Acquisitions and new, large entrants have altered the competitive landscape, but robo-advisors continue to focus on providing low-cost portfolio management services.


Also in This Issue:

Active approaches can be improved by incorporating some characteristics of passive investing, including low turnover and low fees.

Current yield is simplistic to calculate, but other measures of yield can help you make better investment decisions.

Valuation ratios do not tell you what you are getting for your money, whereas intrinsic value allows you to assess the stock’s potential.

Making charitable donations directly from an IRA can both reduce taxes and keep future Medicare premiums lower.

Suggestions on how to avoid common mistakes and gain control of finances following (and even before) the death of a spouse.

The portfolio rules governing market capitalization and industry classification were modified, and a new momentum requirement was added. Plus, three new stocks were added to the portfolio.

An argument against efficient market theory, and comments on Warren Buffett’s strategy for his heirs and William Bernstein’s philosophy of avoiding bad consequences.

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