AAII – Stock Superstars Report


The AAII Stock Superstars Report focuses on the portfolio concept of investing. Periods of market volatility have made us all cognizant of the need for risk control. The best way to reduce portfolio risk comes from effective diversification.

When building a stock portfolio, the overall objective should be to choose a mix of stocks that will appreciate at a greater pace than the market, both absolutely and on a risk-adjusted basis. While, for many, this is easier said than done, there are a group of well-known investment “superstars” whose approaches have beaten the market over very long time periods. It was the work of these investors—such as Benjamin Graham, William O’Neil, Peter Lynch, John Neff, Martin Zweig, Warren Buffett, David Dreman, John Templeton, etc.—that became our starting point for the creation of the Stock Superstars Report concept.

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