AAII’s Stock Investor Pro


With our Stock Investor Pro, timely data is combined with in-depth data (over 2,000 data fields per company) to help you keep abreast of the market. The monthly updates and weekly online downloads keep you well prepared to act—act in time to make that critical difference between matching or beating the market averages.

Data with Stock Investor Pro includes:

  • Database of over 9,000 NYSE, Amex, NASDAQ, and OTC stocks
  • Quarterly earnings estimates
  • Eight quarters and seven years of cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets
  • Relative price strengths for 4, 13, 26 and 52 weeks
  • Percentile rankings, ratios, P/Es and growth rates
  • Ten full years of monthly price data
  • Over 2,000 data fields per company
  • Plus passing companies and corresponding data from over 60 AAII Stock Screens

Stock Investor Pro also offers new information every month like: Recent insider buy and sell decisions and operating & investing cash flows. Plus, from the income statement: research & development expenses and discontinued operations and extraordinary items.

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