Brexit Leaves Nearly 75% of Respondents’ Allocations Unaffected


July’s Asset Allocation Survey special question asked AAII members how Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union affected their allocation decisions. Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) said the referendum’s outcome either did not affect their portfolio allocation decisions or that they are not making any changes in reaction to the vote. Some of these respondents viewed the vote as a short-term event, said they are waiting to see what happens in the future or explained that the vote doesn’t change their long-term strategy. Slightly more than 10% of respondents said they either reduced, are holding off or are more cautious on international investments, with some specifically mentioning British companies.

Here is a sampling of the responses:

  • “Has not affected my allocation.”
  • “Increased caution regarding international stock allocations.”
  • “Not much; generally have maintained the same asset allocation.”
  • “So far no effect. It will be some time before the terms for the withdrawal from the EU will be decided.”
  • “I reduced foreign holdings and increased domestic stock holdings.”

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