Watch video on how to install and update AAII Stock Investor Pro

AAII’s fundamental stock screening and research database program. Now what? In this installment of Stock Investor News, we will answer that question by going over how to install the program directly from the Web. This requires a high-speed Internet connection, which is why we also offer the program on a CD. Step-by-step instructions for the CD installation are available in the Getting Started Guide. For timely data updates, we also touch on the weekly updates available online and the differences between the two update files. [More…]


AAII’s Stock Investor Pro

With our Stock Investor Pro , timely data is combined with in-depth data (over 2,000 data fields per company) to help you keep abreast of the market. The monthly updates and weekly online downloads keep you well prepared to act—act in time to make that critical difference between matching or beating the market averages. [More…]