CI Weekly Features: April 14, 2012


The Magic Formula Approach to Stockpicking
Joel Greenblatt’s simple two-step strategy for finding high-return stocks selling at low prices.

Return on Capital Employed
Calculating a profitability ratio that takes a company’s debt liabilities into account.

Trading Economics
Trading Economics provides historical data on economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, and government bond yields for over 200 different countries.

Gadget Corner – Incase Travel Kit Plus

Perfect carrying case for your tablet, power cords and Bluetooth keyboard.

Featured App – Personal Finance for Android
All-in-one personal finance app for Android.

This Week’s Question

Is AT&T data throttling reasonable?
A) Yes, heavy users slow down the system for the rest of us
B) No, unlimited data means unlimited data
C) It wouldn’t be so bad if AT&T was more clear about what triggers it
D) It doesn’t matter to me; I don’t have an unlimited data plan
E) I don’t use AT&T
F) Other (click here to elaborate)

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