CI Weekly Features: April 28, 2012


Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD)
Turning a simple trend-following indicator into a momentum oscillator with the moving average convergence-divergence.

J3 Information Services Group
The J3 Information Services Group website is designed to track and report timely information regarding insider activity on over 10,000 companies.

Predicting the Market’s Future With O’Shaughnessy
James O’Shaughnessy looked at historical long-term trends to predict where the market is heading, and designed four new stock approaches based on his research. How to implement the O’Shaughnessy stock screens using AAII’s Stock Investor Pro.

Gadget Corner – Head-to-Head: Toshiba USB Mobile Monitor Versus AOC Portable USB Monitor

A direct comparison of two portable USB monitors.

Featured App – GasBuddy—Find Cheap Gas

App helps you save money at the pump.

This Week’s Question

Have you bought the new iPad or do you plan on buying one?

A) Yes, I have bought the new iPad
B) Yes, I plan on buying the new iPad
C) No, I have not bought, nor do I plan on buying, the new iPad

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