CI Weekly Features: August 4, 2012


Economic Data
Where to go online to track the trends in domestic and global economies.

The most useful feature of YCharts is its ability to chart over 70 different metrics, including revenue growth, market capitalization and dividend yield, for over 5,000 companies.

Trading Channels
Building on support and resistance levels, trading channels allow short-term and intermediate-term traders to track developing trading ranges.

Gadget Corner – Cellink I

Cellink I—Mobile Charger and Card Reader for iPhone/iPadHigh-impact polycarbonate protection for your smartphone.

Featured App – Doxo for iOS and Android

Household financial and personal data manager.

This Week’s Question

How important is it to you to buy “Made in the USA” tech?

A) Very Important; I will only buy U.S.-made tech products.
B) Not at all. I don’t pay attention to where the tech I buy is made.
C) I’m willing to pay a slight price premium of U.S. electronics
D) I’ll buy U.S.-made tech if it’s convenient and cost–effective
E) Is there any tech made in the U.S. anymore?
F) Other ( click here to voice your opinion )

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