CI Weekly Features: December 15, 2012


Value Averaging Spreadsheet
A spreadsheet from AAII for setting up a value averaging program, which helps you smooth out share price ups and downs.

Introduction to Candlestick Charting
An overview of a technical analysis technique similar to bar charting, but with added nuances. is a free, yet incredibly useful, one-stop shop for most of the individual investor’s basic financial needs.

Gadget Corner – Swingbyte

A tool to help improve your golf swing.

Featured App – Exchange Rates for Android

Exchange Rates for Android is a free app designed to help tourists determine U.S. prices in their country’s currency.

Featured Download – Desktop Ticker

Desktop Ticker is a simple and efficient tool for investors, allowing you to have a scrolling news feed and stock updates that you can place anywhere on your computer screen.

This Week’s Question

How do you use your smartphone the most?

A) Texting
B) Phone calls
C) Email
D) Web browsing
E) Social media
F) Other
G) I don’t use a smartphone

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