CI Weekly Features: December 24, 2011


This Week’s CI email features:
Grant Henning’s Technical-Momentum Stock Trading System
After Henning developed a technical-momentum approach to stock-picking, he discovered that there are times when value stocks with strong earnings do better. A look at Henning’s ranking system using a fundamental-value approach.

Wall Street Scanner
Any investor should view with healthy skepticism any service claiming to predict future stock direction. That is exactly what the Wall Street Scanner app purports to do. Using algorithms that scan nearly 16 million financial websites each day, the app gives you the probability of where the stock price is headed the next trading day.

Using Relative Strength Analysis to Invest in ETFs
A look at Leslie Masonson’s approach to constructing a portfolio of exchange-traded funds based on how they rank on relative strength.

Gadget Corner – Apple iPod touch (2011)

Several weeks ago, I reviewed the new Apple iPod nano, which had been updated for 2011. Around that time, Apple released a “new” iPod touch, which, like the nano, saw changes to the user experience but not to the physical device. I was given a new iPod touch to review after having used a second-generation touch for a few years. My experience confirms that the iPod touch is the best portable media player I have ever used.

Sitelight – provides consumers with educational resources and information on credit products and services. The site offers users a free credit report card and allows you to compare credit cards and loans according to your individual credit score.

This Week’s Question

How much of your shopping do you do online versus in traditional brick-and-mortar stores?

A) I do not do any of my shopping online
B) Less than 25%
C) Between 25% and 50%
D) Between 51% and 75%
E) More than 75%

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