CI Weekly Features: February 18, 2012


Track Your Finances on a Mac With iBank
A look at a personal finance program designed for the Mac and capable of syncing with mobile devices. is a financial website that has become increasingly expansive over the past several years. Originally, the website was designed as a resource for students and educational professionals, housing investment formulas and a complete dictionary of terms. The website now has the look of a comprehensive investment website, with news articles and fundamental stock data.

The Top Mutual Fund Screening Services
An in-depth looks at the best software and websites for screening the universe of mutual funds.

Gadget Corner – Kingston Wi-Drive
Wireless flash storage device for iOS, Android & Kindle Fire

Featured App – Pageonce—Money & Bills
Automatically track, control and pay your bills.

This Week’s Question

Which company/companies do you use for mobile voice or data? Note that you can choose more than one.

B) Verizon
C) Sprint
D) T-Mobile
E) Other (click here to tell us which company/companies you use for cellular voice or data)
F) I do not have a mobile voice or data plan

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