CI Weekly Features: February 25, 2012


Bollinger Bands
Gauging the volatility in a security by constructing standard deviation bands above and below a simple moving average.

iBank Mobile for iOS
Keep track of your day-to-day spending and account balances on your iOS device.

Screening With the Big, Safe Dividend Formula
Charles Carlson’s stock-picking approach seeks stocks with above-average growth potential and a safe and growing dividend.

Gadget Corner – Verbatim Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard
The Verbatim Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard leads us to ask the question “is there such a thing as too portable?”

Sitelight – TradingView
TradingView is an online technical analysis and charting website that allows users to learn and share trading ideas.

This Week’s Question

Have you dropped your land line telephone service in favor of Voice over IP (VoIP) (Vonage, Skype, etc.)?
A) Yes
B) No

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