CI Weekly Features: February 4, 2012


This Week’s CI email features:
Deconstructing ROE: DuPont Analysis
How to use two formulas created by DuPont to analyze a firm’s return on equity.

Seeking Alpha Earnings Center
Seeking Alpha’s Earnings Center provides earnings call transcripts. Most investors are satisfied with the annual reports that are available on company websites, but some will prefer the added explanations that top executives make on earnings calls with analysts.

Staying in Front of the Market With the “Stock Market Dashboard”
Leslie Masonson believes that monitoring changes in market direction allows you to see exactly where it is going. His Stock Market Dashboard uses a combination of freely available indicators that signal when to buy, sell or stay on the sidelines.

Gadget Corner – Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF
HD webcam with motorized tracking.

Featured App – HD 12c financial calculator
Android app emulates the venerable HP 12c financial calculator.

This Week’s Question

Have you used or do you plan to use a mobile banking app to check your balances, make transactions, deposit a check via your camera, etc.?
A) Yes, I currently use a mobile banking app
B) Yes, I plan to use a mobile banking app
C) No

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