CI Weekly Features: January 26, 2013


AAII Model Portfolios
A look at what you might be missing in AAII’s Model Portfolios area online and how to keep up-to-date on changes.

The Truth About Mortgage
The Truth About Mortgage is an online blog run by Colin Robertson, a former account executive with a wholesale mortgage lender, that provides the public with valuable mortgage advice.

Value Investing Spreadsheet
A simple method to help you invest periodically.

Gadget Corner – iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank Case for iPhone 5

A snap-on battery case for iPhone 5.

Featured App – Debt Free App for Android

Debt Free App for Android is an app for determining the best debt solution.

Featured Download – SimpleD Budget

SimpleD Budget is a personal finance application that helps users track expenses and budget their income accordingly.

This Week’s Question

If the content was useful and/or interesting, would you continue to subscribe to a publication if it shifted from hard copy (paper) to digital-only (online, e-pub, etc.)?

A) Yes, I would continue subscribing to the digital-only version
B) No, I prefer hard copies and would not continue to subscribe to a digital-only publication

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