CI Weekly Features: July 28, 2012


Stock Fundamental Data Download
Services on AAII’s website that inform you when new content has been posted to

Price-Earnings Ratios
Understanding the price-earnings ratio and the differences between its various forms.

Spreadsheet Corner
Computerized Investing’s Spreadsheet Corner introduces a new spreadsheet every quarter that helps you utilize the power of Excel when making investment decisions. The spreadsheets covers a wide range of functions, calculations and investment methodologies.

Gadget Corner – Otterbox Defender iPhone 4/4S Case

High-impact polycarbonate protection for your smartphone.

Sitelight – Portfolio123

Portfolio123 is a web-based stock investment service that provides everything from model portfolios to stock screening and strategy backtesting.

This Week’s Question

Would you buy an iPad mini if Apple were to sell one?

A) Yes; If it’s from Apple, I have to have it
B) No; The iPad mini is an act of desperation from Apple
C) Maybe; I’ll have to see what it looks like and how much it costs

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