CI Weekly Features: July 7, 2012


Screening on Jim Slater’s Zulu Principle
In the 15-plus years I have been reading investing texts—especially related to stock screening—I have found the subject to be decidedly centered in the U.S. Therefore, when I ran across a book written on the other side of the pond in England, I jumped at the chance to see what it had to say. is a unique online portfolio management program that offers certain features typically found at full-service wealth management firms.

New Computer Investing Products
This issue highlights an online budget service, an ETF website, a stock charting program, and a portfolio management program. Plus, Quicktakes on new and enhanced sites and services you might want to check out.

Gadget Corner – HP Folio 13-1020us

Windows 7 Ultrabook

Featured App – Flipboard

This social magazine aggregates news and social media streams on your Android phone or iOS device.

This Week’s Question

Are you considering buying the Microsoft Surface tablet?

A) I want to; it sounds great
B) It sounds interesting, but I need to see it in person first
C) No, the rumored prices are too high
D) No, I wouldn’t buy it even at a competitive price
E) What’s a Microsoft Surface?

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