CI Weekly Features: June 23, 2012


Benjamin Graham’s Net Current Asset Value Approach
One of Benjamin Graham’s original selection methodologies dating back to the early 1930s has been largely overlooked. The methodology focuses on stocks trading at prices less than their net current asset values (NCAVs). This CI Online Exclusive explains the NCAV approach, highlighting how you can use computerized stock screening tools to identify stocks meeting Graham’s criteria.

Profitability Ratios
Understanding and using return on equity and return on assets in your analysis of a company’s profitability. provides consumers with educational resources and information on credit products and services. The site offers users a free credit report card and allows you to compare credit cards and loans according to your individual credit score.

Gadget Corner – SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth Speakerphone

Sleek, compact hands-free kit for making calls and listening to GPS directions while in the car.

Featured App – eIBD for iPad

Electronic version of Investor’s Business Daily delivered to your iPad.

This Week’s Question

What is your most commonly used means of communication?

A) Email
B) Online social media
C) Instant messaging (AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Chat, etc.)
D) Text messaging
E) Phone call
F) Speak in person
G) Video call (Skype, etc.)

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