CI Weekly Features: March 2, 2013


Track Your Finances on a Mac With iBank
A look at a personal finance program designed for the Mac and capable of syncing with mobile devices.

The Accumulation/Distribution Line
Using the accumulation/distribution line to assess the trend in buying and selling pressure for a security. is a distinct service for both novice and experienced technical analysts.

Gadget Corner – Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II continues to push the boundaries of “phablets,” or phones with very large screen sizes.

Featured App – 3G Watchdog Pro for Android

3G Watchdog Pro for Android monitors and predicts your mobile (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) Internet usage.

Featured Download – Weekly Budget

Weekly Budget is a set of customizable personal finance Excel spreadsheets that help you attain your financial goals.

This Week’s Question

Have you purchased or are you planning on purchasing the new Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet?

A) Yes, I have already purchased one
B) Yes, I am planning on purchasing one
C) No, it’s too expensive
D) No, it’s too heavy for a tablet
E) No, it doesn’t have enough battery life
F) No, it doesn’t have enough storage capacity
G) No, it doesn’t offer built-in cellular connectivity
H) Other (click here to voice your opinion)

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