CI Weekly Features: November 3, 2012


Tracking the Analysts
Tracking earnings expectations, and their changes, is an important and a potentially rewarding strategy for stock investors.

Interpreting the Sharpe Ratio
How to calculate one of the most popular financial ratios and use it to compare the risk/return trade-off of investments.

eIBD for iPad
Electronic version of Investor’s Business Daily delivered to your iPad.

Gadget Corner – AViiQ Portable Charging Station with Cable Rack System Nylon Series

Organize your cables and charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Sitelight – StockFlix

StockFlix is an online service that selects stocks based on advanced pattern recognition algorithms.

This Week’s Question

Will you buy the iPad mini?

A) Yes, I am finally getting a tablet
B) Yes, it’ll go with my iPad/other tablet
C) No, my iPad/other tablet is fine
D) No, I don’t have an iPad/other tablet

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