CI Weekly Features: October 6, 2012


Seeking Alpha
Seeking Alpha is a website that offers actionable stock market opinion and analysis and discussion forums.

Online Discount Brokers
A look at the pros and cons of the five online discount brokers most used by AAII members.

New Computer Investing Products
This issue highlights an online budgeting tool, an ETF site, a charting program and a clearinghouse for financial rate data. Plus, Quicktakes on new and enhanced sites and services you might want to check out.

Gadget Corner – SEIDO Desktop Charging Cradle

The SEIDIO Desktop Charging Cradle for USB smartphones does exactly what it is designed to do.

Sitelight – Wealthfront

Wealthfront is an online, SEC-registered, investment adviser that provides its customers with a personalized and diversified investment portfolio that is monitored regularly and rebalanced periodically.

This Week’s Question

How’s your home WiFi speed?

A) Excellent
B) Pretty good
C) Spotty at times
D) Too slow
E) I do not have Wi-Fi at home

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