CI Weekly Features: September 29, 2012


The Top Online Portfolio Trackers
An in-depth look at the best websites for tracking your portfolio’s gains and losses and measuring its performance.

Poynt for Android
Poynt for Android is a local search app to find businesses, people, offers and events near you.

Masonson’s Stock Market Dashboard, Version 2
A revision of Leslie Masonson’s dashboard approach to gauging market direction.

Gadget Corner – SpareOne Emergency Phone

AA battery-powered emergency mobile phone.

Featured App – Yahoo! Finance for Android

Track your portfolio, view headline news and watch videos on your Android device.

This Week’s Question

Which of the following have you ever scanned your smartphone for? (Choose all that apply)

A) Admission to a movie
B) As an airline ticket
C) To pay for a clothing or electronics purchase
D) Admission to a concert, live theater or performance
E) To pay for a convenience item, such as coffee or soda
F) Other (Click here to let us know what you think)
G) I have never scanned my smartphone for any reason
H) I do not have a phone with this capability

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