Creating and Following a Real Financial Plan


This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:

This article provides a helpful chart, adapted from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), that shows what types of retirement accounts can be rolled over or converted into another type of retirement account.


For a person who has recently lost a spouse and is confronting many changes in daily living, financial support and advice can be helpful. Women, as well as men, are unmoored by the personal changes they are going through. Yet a widower may often have been the primary earner and financial decision-maker and was accustomed to making financial choices. A widow, however, may not have taken an active role in the family finances. This article offers steps widows can take to help them manage their finances.

Personal finance encompasses the broad array of financial concerns that most individuals must deal with throughout their lifetimes, including banking, insurance, savings, taxes, health care issues and all kinds of financial planning. Many websites cover at least one aspect of personal finance or have a personal finance section, but the sites we list here offer extensive coverage on a range of personal finance issues, such as mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, CDs, money market accounts and insurance. Plus, most also have numerous calculators, planning tools and educational materials that can help you with budgeting, asset allocation, college planning, health care decisions, tax planning, estate planning and retirement planning.

Carl Richards, a certified financial planner, director of investor education for the BAM Alliance, and creator of the Sketch Guy column at The New York Times, talks with AAII editor Charles Rotblut about the benefits of having an easy-to-follow financial plan.

Our Member Question for this week is:

Which of the following creates the greatest amount of stress when it comes to your finances?


Last Week’s Results:

Do you think the United Kingdom will follow through on Brexit and leave the European Union?


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Financial Planning with AAII: Setting Up an Ongoing Investing Program

The Financial Planning section of focuses on the all-important element of personal finance. When most people think of financial planning, they automatically focus on retirement planning. While this is an important aspect of financial planning, it is not the only component. The “Financial Planning with AAII” area includes two useful guides: Lifetime Investment Strategy and AAII’s Tax Guide. These guides, which as benefits of AAII membership, help you master the guidelines for long-term successful portfolio management as well as help you assess your current tax situation and plan for any changes. There is also a collection of must-read articles devoted to the topic of financial planning to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

The AAII Weekly Digest is one of the many benefits of AAII membership. To learn more, consider a risk-free 30-day Trial AAII Membership to start becoming an effective manager of your own assets.


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