Diverging Opinions on Active Management


Time in the Market Influences Millennials’ Investing AttitudesTime in the Market Influences Millennials’ Investing Attitudes

Millennial investors have often been described as being overly conservative with their portfolio allocations. New research backs up that assertion, as there is a small, but significantly sized, group that is far underweighted in equities.

Observations From Decades of Tracking Investment Newsletters

Mark Hulbert

There is often little persistence in outperformance among newsletters, but the good long-term performers have shown consistency in sticking to their strategies.


Diverging Opinions on Active Management

The conventional wisdom about active management holds that any value created by the decisions of fund managers is offset, or more than offset, by their fees. A review of the academic research published about the subject since 1997 found this conclusion to be “too negative on the value of the active management.”


The Next Generation of Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing has evolved to include “best-in-class” companies and several low-cost investment options.

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In the aftermath of the midterm elections, do you feel more or less confident about the prospects for the U.S. stock market over the next six to 12 months?


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AAII Survey: Biggest Takeaways From October’s Spooky Ride

While few investors enjoy the ride the market took them on in October, what does it mean over the longer term? We asked our readers what their biggest takeaway from October was and whether they have changed their investment outlook for the next several months.

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“Easier said than done” is a common saying that applies well to developing an overall strategy for your investment portfolio. The basic concepts are relatively easy, but they become more complex and less clear-cut when it comes to applying them to real-world situations. This e-book, available exclusively to AAII members, is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice.




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