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Cash Dividend Types, Dates and TaxesThough most investors know that a cash dividend is the distribution of money to shareholders, dividend terminology is not as well-understood. Terminology such as ordinary dividend, special dividend, ex-dividend and record date has unique and important meanings investors should be aware of.

John Buckingham

Though certainly not as sizable a contributor so far in the 21st century, dividend income and its reinvestment has comprised a significant portion of long-term stock gains over time. Even better, over the long term, dividend-paying stocks have delivered relatively better total-return performance than non-dividend-payers and generally have done so with lower volatility. While these stocks are not quite the Holy Grail, higher returns, relatively lower risk and generous income can make for quite a powerful combination no matter the direction of interest rates.


Researching DividendsWith so many companies of such diverse types paying dividends, even investors who don’t necessarily focus on dividend policy as part of their strategy should stay updated on dividend plans and announcements. Whether dividends are currently part of your strategy or will prospectively become part of your strategy, you need solid go-to resources online where you can find valuable dividend information.

Covered call writing is one of several ways options are traded. While often done on an ad hoc basis, one can assemble and manage a portfolio of covered call option positions as either a part of a larger portfolio or on a stand-alone basis. Dividend-paying stocks are attractive option writing candidates since the goal of a covered call portfolio is to generate income.

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