Do the Top ETFs Continue to Outperform?


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Recent Performance Influences Fund ChoicesRecent Performance Influences Fund Choices

A mutual fund’s recent returns and its relative performance significantly influence whether investors choose to buy or hold onto the fund. The magnitude of these returns and whether the fund is already owned also plays a role. Data shows that the average investor pays particular attention to the previous year’s market return and the two-year relative return for the fund being considered.

Do the Top ETFs Continue to Outperform?

Charles Rotblut, CFA

After seven years of tracking the best-performing exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a study to see if they remained top performers or at least continued to beat their benchmark or category peers. The results may have you rethinking picking ETFs based solely on performance.


The Top Mutual Funds Over Five Years: Tech TakeoverThe Top Mutual Funds Over Five Years:
Tech Takeover

Technology funds lead this year’s list of the top funds, though two non-sector funds are also on the top-10 list.

Analyzing Money Market Funds:
Low Risk Isn’t No Risk

In uncertain times, even relatively low-risk investments come under strict investor scrutiny. And well they should, since they are viewed as a safe haven for hard-earned savings. Money market mutual funds are considered by many to set the standard for low-risk, liquid and convenient investments. As such, they must be able to stand up to investor questioning. What should you look for in a money market fund?

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AAII Survey: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues Not Overly Important to Individual Investors

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company or business. These criteria help to better determine the future financial performance of companies (return and risk). ESG investing focuses on companies that support environmental protection, social justice and ethical management practices. Our latest reader survey asked whether ESG factors play a role in the investment decision-making process and why (or why not).

The Individual Investor’s Guide to the
Top Mutual Funds 2018

The latest update to AAII’s annual mutual fund guide includes 719 funds in the printed version and hundreds more in the expanded online data tables, covering nearly 1,600 funds in all. The guide provides performance and risk statistics for individual funds as well as index and category benchmarks.




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