Finding Bargains Among Stocks With Falling Stock Prices



Finding Bargains Among Stocks With Falling Stock Prices

Finding Bargains Among Stocks With Falling Stock PricesUnderperforming stocks may seem unappealing, but the price weakness can turn them into bargains with upside potential.

The Essence of the Benjamin Graham Approach

Ben Branch

A cut-to-the-chase synopsis of Graham’s rules, which were based on buying stocks trading with a margin of safety.


52-Week Highs Perform Better Than Record Highs

52-Week Highs Perform Better Than Record HighsOne alternative form of momentum investing is to buy stocks trading near their 52-week highs. Another form is to buy stocks trading near their historical (record) highs. The former strategy—buying stocks trading at 52-week highs—has performed better than the latter.


The Major Approaches to the Question of Valuation

Determining whether a stock is correctly valued requires the investor to estimate the value of the stock and compare the estimated value to the current market price.

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AAII Survey: Year-End Tax Planning

As 2018 draws to a close, we asked our readers whether or not they have started making any moves with their investment portfolio with an eye toward next year’s tax bill. If so, we also asked what steps they are taking or plan to take before the end of the year.

Stock Investing Strategies

One of the biggest difficulties for individuals interested in investing in stocks is getting started. This AAII e-book provides a general outline for analyzing stocks and walks through the process as it is practically applied to specific types of investment approaches. It first describes, in very broad terms, the basic process that is followed in fundamental analysis. It then goes into the various steps in more detail and shows how they can be adapted and practically applied to an individual’s specific approach using commonly found information sources.




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