Four Market Traits AAII Members Would Change


This week’s AAII Sentiment Survey special question asked AAII members about the one thing they would change about the current market environment if they had a magic wand to do so. Responses were varied, though they primarily fell into one of four categories. The largest number of respondents (18%) said they would alter monetary policy or raise interest rates. This group also includes respondents who want to know how the Federal Reserve intends to end monetary stimulus. The second-largest group (17%) said they would alter Washington politics. These changes include the politicians themselves, regulations or the tax code. About 14% would change the market environment. Some would reduce current valuations, while others said they would end high-frequency trading or dark pools. Changing the pace of economic growth came in fourth, with about 9% of respondents saying they would accelerate it.

Here is a sampling of the responses:

  • “Speaking selfishly, stock prices should come down to earth.”
  • “Get better clarity from the Fed on how they are going to unwind quantitative easing.”
  • “I’d stop the high-frequency trading.”
  • “Continued improvement in real job growth.”
  • “Have the Fed raise interest rates sooner.”

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