Gauging Your Psychological Readiness for Retirement


Revisiting the Risks of Retirement Spending Rules

Revisiting the Risks of Retirement Spending Rules

In this update to a 1998 article, we discuss the risks of spending only portfolio income, spending returns or making inflation-adjusted withdrawals.

Illustrating the Value of Retirement Accounts

Two examples show the considerations to be taken into account when deciding between a taxable account, a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA.

Actions to Take During the Five Years Prior to Retirement

Actions to Take During the Five Years Prior to Retirement

Transitioning to retirement from a working career is a challenge for many people. To help, The New York Times interviewed financial advisers, economists and retirees to create what they described as a “five-year countdown to retirement.”

Gauging Your Psychological Readiness for Retirement

Those near retirement should ask themselves a very important question: Am I psychologically ready to change my lifestyle from being employed full-time to being retired?

Our Member Question for this week is:

With the end of the year five weeks away, some of us have started thinking about our 2018 tax bill (AAII’s year-end tax guide will be appearing very soon). As an investor, where do you stand with your 2018 taxes?


Vote to answer this week’s Special Question: If you have made, or plan to make, investment decisions to influence your 2018 tax bill before the end of the year, what are they?

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There is no reader question this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

AAII e-book: Profitable Retirement Planning

This e-book, which is available exclusively to AAII members, was written to help our members achieve a financially secure retirement. The book offers an overview of many of the primary considerations for retirement planning, including: how much you need to save; where your retirement income will come from; what asset classes you should invest in; and what you should take advantage of in your company’s defined contribution plan (if available).




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