Global Events Having Mixed Effects on Investor Outlook


This week’s Sentiment Survey special question asked AAII members what, if any, global events are influencing their six-month outlook for stocks. Responses varied, with several members listing more than one event. Russia’s intervention with Ukraine was cited by 17% of respondents. About 14% of respondents said events in the Middle East, particularly those involving the Islamic State group, were influencing their outlook. An equal number say both global and U.S. monetary policy, including stimulus programs in Japan and in Europe, are impacting their outlook. The midterm elections and the forthcoming change in Senate leadership was listed by 12% of respondents. About 11% mentioned the U.S. economy, either in terms of its recovery or its relative strength compared to the rest of the world. A similar percentage said they were encouraged by the drop in oil prices, though some said they would be concerned if prices fell too low. Just 6% of respondents discussed Ebola, with some seeing progress in containing it and others expressing concern about the outbreak spreading.


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