Happy Thanksgiving From the Sentiment Survey Special Question


We tabulated the results to this week’s Sentiment Survey special question yesterday. The question asked AAII members what their favorite Thanksgiving dish is. Turkey was the by far the most popular choice, picked by nearly one-third of all respondents (32%). Six of these respondents specifically stated a preference for dark meat. Dressing and gravy beat out cranberry sauce (19% versus 14% of all respondents). Similarly, mashed potatoes were more popular than sweet potatoes (8% versus 5%), though stuffing beat both (10%). Desserts were popular with nearly a quarter of all respondents (23%) listing them; pumpkin pie topped the list (picked by 9% of all respondents). There was also one vote for a good Merlot wine. Some respondents listed more than one Thanksgiving dish.

Here is a sampling of the responses:

  • “The staples of turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes are a given, but a dressing to make the meal is an art form.”
  • “Home-baked cherry pie.”
  • “Turkey, turkey and more turkey … and dressing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie of course!”
  • “Very traditional! Turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. It’s the best meal of the year, and the best as leftovers.”
  • “My mother-in-law’s cranberry sauce and spicy pumpkin pie … YUM!!!!”
  • “Everything on the table!!!”

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