How to Increase Aftertax Returns by Doing Less


This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:

Guidance on How to Follow the Level3 Passive PortfolioGuidance on How to Follow the Level3 Passive Portfolio

This portfolio of four exchange-traded funds (ETFs) should not have many changes. Many investors should be able to rebalance through additions or withdrawals.

For Bucket Portfolios, the Devil Is in the Details

Christine Benz

Guidance on implementing a bucket strategy in a real-world portfolio, including portfolios with more than one type of account.


Rebalancing Update: 4.5% Withdrawal Rate and Rolling Periods

Increasing the withdrawal rate led to bigger distributions, but lower ending wealth. Altering the investing period also has an impact.


When Less Is More: How to Increase Aftertax Returns by Doing Less

A lot of attention is given to stock and market returns. However, most of the attention is focused on rates of return before taxes. The bottom line, though, for any investor is what’s left after all expenses, and for most taxable investors, taxes are the biggest expense an individual investor faces. This article focuses on how frequent trading, or high portfolio turnover, increases taxes, which in turn reduces aftertax performance.

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