James O’Shaughnessy’s Tiny Titans Stand Tall in 2018


Mighty Minis: Tiny Titans Stand Tall in 2018

Mighty Minis: Tiny Titans Stand Tall in 2018Our annual recap of the AAII Stock Ideas almost had a repeat of last year’s “worst to first” turnaround. This year’s top-performing AAII screening strategy ranked near the bottom in 2017. We also discuss some important and useful changes we have made to the Stock Ideas section of AAII.com.

The Position of the Individual Investor

James Cloonan

As we celebrate 40 years of the AAII Journal, we will be tapping into our archives to bring you some of the best content we have provided over the last four decades. We kick off this trek with an article from AAII’s founder and former chairman, James Cloonan. This article originally appeared in the second issue of the AAII Journal, March–April 1979, and set the stage for AAII’s mission.

The Model Shadow Stock Portfolio’s Drawdowns and Rewards

While the AAII Model Shadow Stock Portfolio has had more frequent corrections and bear market cycles than the S&P 500 index, its down periods have generally been shorter in duration and its bull market reversals stronger.


The Secrets of Picking Great Growth Stocks

Investing is simply common sense, along with a focus on the key factors that drive the greatest stocks. A look at the four factors that seem to be common, identifying traits of the greatest companies and stocks.

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AAII Survey: Premarital Financial Discussions

Getting married carries with it a whole slew of planning. But where do investment and financial planning fall into this? Our latest AAII reader question asked whether there was any discussion of their partner’s or their finances or how they would merge the two. The weekly special question then addressed what specifically was discussed.

Stock Investing Strategies

One of the biggest difficulties for individuals interested in investing in stocks is getting started. This AAII e-book provides a general outline for analyzing stocks and walks through the process as it is practically applied to specific types of investment approaches. It first describes, in very broad terms, the basic process that is followed in fundamental analysis. It then goes into the various steps in more detail and shows how they can be adapted and practically applied to an individual’s specific approach using commonly found information sources.

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