John Bogle’s Contributions to AAII

In addition to launching Vanguard and driving down fund fee costs, John Bogle was very active in trying to educate investors on how to better manage his portfolios. Bogle shared his insights directly with AAII members through both articles and videos, including his acceptance of the 2015 Cloonan Award for Excellence in Investor Education.

Here is a compilation of Bogle’s contributions to AAII:

“Enhanced” Index Funds: Can They Beat the Market? (May 2007)—Bogle was skeptical of the then new breed of “indexers” that focus on weighting portfolios by fundamental factors, such as dividends and cash flows, rather than market capitalizations.

Achieving Greater Long-Term Wealth Through Index Funds (June 2014)—Bogle gave his rational on why index investors, in aggregate, are likely to realize higher returns because of lower costs and the effect of reversion to the mean on active strategies.

Common Investor Mistakes and Other Investing Insights (July 2014)—Bogle discussed how investors commonly put too much emphasis on past performance. He also gave his views on high-frequency trading.

Six Questions With John Bogle—The founder of Vanguard explained how investors can maximize long-term wealth and gives advice for how to get grandchildren interested in investing. This article includes video of Bogle’s acceptance speech for the 2015 Cloonan Award for Excellence in Investor Education.