July 2016 AAII Journal Update


The July 2016 AAII Journal is Now Available Online.

 Feature Article: Using the Z-Score to Assess the Risk of Bankruptcy

  • The Z-Score predicts the likelihood of bankruptcy or financial distress. A discussion with its creator reveals how to use the model and new variations on it.

 Also in This Issue:

Right-sizing risk, right-timing risk, relying on knowledge and experience and applying appropriate skepticism can lead to better decisions.

Among the ways investors often hurt themselves are chasing after IPOs, reaching for yield and not understanding what they are buying.

When investing based on a screen, have preset rules regarding diversification, choosing stocks, selling and tax management.

A helpful chart showing what types of retirement accounts can be rolled over or converted into another type of retirement account.

Guidance on which steps should be taken within few months of a spouse’s passing and which steps can and should be postponed.

HSAs allow for dollars to be set aside tax-free to pay for future medical expenses.

A key difference between strategies and real portfolios is not being able to buy all passing stocks due to limited investment dollars.

Members give new perspectives on Graham’s deep value investing, Jane Bryant Quinn’s advice, and a study that found those who work longer live longer.

These informative articles are just a sample of the benefits to being an AAII member. To start becoming an effective manager of your own assets, consider a risk-free 30-day Trial AAII Membership.


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