June 2016 AAII Journal Update

The June 2016 AAII Journal is Now Available Online.


Feature Article: The Weiss Approach to Value in Blue-Chip Stocks

  • Geraldine Weiss’ approach seeks dividend-paying, blue-chip stocks with attractive yields, growth and financial soundness.

 Also in This Issue:

Applying Ben Graham’s philosophy, 25 profitable companies with cheap valuations made The First Cut.

Buying deep value companies requires being able to cope with some discomfort; those able to can be rewarded for doing so.

Micro-cap stocks may require investors to do more of their own research, but part of the payoff is reduced portfolio volatility.

The traditional way of allocating portfolios costs investors significant wealth and fails to consider how risk actually occurs in the real world.

A reverse mortgage can boost withdrawal rates if used correctly; plus, why index funds can simplify decisions regarding taking withdrawals.

These funds, designed to help investors save for retirement, mostly become more conservative with time, but one has turned more aggressive.

Our annual member update highlights enhancements to AAII.com and diverse programming at Local Chapters, along with presenting our yearly financial summary, special member benefits, and academic research awards.

Members comment on retirement withdrawal options and getting families involved in personal finance.

These informative articles are just a sample of the benefits to being an AAII member. To start becoming an effective manager of your own assets, consider a risk-free 30-day Trial AAII Membership.




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