Many AAII Members Comfortable With Prevailing Stock Valuations


This week’s special question asked AAII members how comfortable they are with the valuations of the stocks they currently hold. Half of all respondents said they are comfortable with current valuations. Some of these respondents described valuations as being elevated, but not too high. Others described valuations as being acceptable. An additional 5% of respondents said they were very comfortable with current valuations. At the other end of the spectrum, more than 18% of respondents described themselves as not being comfortable. Many of these respondents said valuations are too high.

Here is sampling of the responses:

  • “Valuations are at the high end of normal, but overall, I feel comfortable with where valuations are.”
  • “I’m comfortable only because I’m buying quality companies.”
  • “I think valuations are too high.”
  • “I’m not comfortable, but there are not good alternatives.”
  • “I am very comfortable as I believe the stocks I’m investing in are fairly valued, if not undervalued.”

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