Members Moving Into Stocks or Standing Pat


This week’s Sentiment Survey special question asked AAII members how, if at all, they have adjusted their investing strategy recently. More than half of all respondents (55%) said they are focusing on or have shifted more into stocks, particularly value and dividend-paying stocks. Slightly more than 27% of respondents say they have not changed their strategy. Nearly 12% said they are increasing their cash allocation. About 8% said they are taking a more conservative approach. Some respondents listed more than one than one asset class or investing style.

Here is sampling of the responses:

  • “Recently changed focus to value and dividend-paying stocks.”
  • “Moving toward higher-yield value stocks, but with a healthy emphasis on small-cap growth.”
  • “Holding more cash than usual. Waiting for a buying opportunity.”
  • “Have not changed. See no reason to.”
  • “Moved more to cash. P/E ratios are about as high as I can stand.”

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