More Than a Quarter of Investors Cite Tariffs as Affecting Their Outlook on the Market


Last week’s Sentiment Survey asked AAII members what factors were most influencing their six-month outlook for stocks. More than a quarter of all respondents (28%) say tariffs and the possibility of a trade war. Politics were close behind, with 19% of respondents specifically mentioning President Trump and an additional 7% listing the political environment and/or the November elections. Nearly 17% of respondents say economic growth, while 11% pointed toward interest rates. Also mentioned were valuations, corporate profits and the length of the current bull market. Some respondents listed more than one factor.

Here is a sampling of the responses:

  • “Policy missteps by President Trump and Congress.”
  • “The economy, so long as President Trump doesn’t screw it up with tariffs.”
  • “Interest rate movement and quarterly earnings.”
  • “Tax reform and Federal Reserve actions.”
  • “Company earnings are positive and in a growth mode for the most part.”
  • “The tariffs and the potential trade war with China keep me from being optimistic.”

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