Most-Read Blog Posts for September 2016


Here are the most-read blog posts for August 2016:


Guy Spier, manager of the Aquamarine Fund, outlines nine key rules to a better investment process.

Legendary investor Charles Ellis pens an investment letter to his grandchildren to pass along some of the knowledge he has gained from over 50 years of investing experience.

There are many headlines warning investors about the next possible financial emergency—the lack of liquidity in the bond market. This article examines the general concept of liquidity, how it applies to the bond market, the factors that affect bond market liquidity and how the concept of liquidity applies to your investment in money market funds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

AAII’s president, John Bajkowski, highlights the AAII stock screens, arguably one of the most popular AAII member benefits, and how AAII goes about creating the stock selection strategies.

Many retirees reflexively believe that they can live off of the interest from their investments while preserving principal. But it is virtually impossible today in light of increasing life expectancies and the backdrop of ultra-low rates brought on by the Federal Reserve’s response to the 2008 financial crisis.


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