Possible Changes Coming to Accredited-Investor Standard


InvestmentNew reported that the House Financial Services Committee House committee approved a measure that would expand the kind of investors who can purchase unregistered securities.

The measure would expand the definition of “accredited investor.” Currently, that designation is limited to people who have $1 million in net worth, excluding the value of their house, or make $200,000 annually, $300,000 for couples.

According to the report, the bill would add two new categories. It would allow investment advisers and brokers to participate in private offerings. It also would approve those investors whom the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) “determines have demonstrable education or job experience to qualify as having professional subject-matter knowledge related to a particular investment,” a committee memo states.

The bill now heads to the House floor.

“We’re trying to expand opportunities for Americans to participate in taking a risk but also engaging in the benefits of the upside using their knowledge, not only just a threshold that says you get to invest just because you have wealth,” Rep. David Schweikert, the author of the bill, said during debate.

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