Reviewing Readers’ Predictions for 2018, Looking Ahead to 2019


This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:

Financial Literacy Tied to Greater Retirement Savings

Financial Literacy Tied to Greater Retirement SavingsAn analysis of employee retirement plans found evidence supporting a link between greater financial literacy and greater retirement wealth. Those who are more literate about financial and investment concepts allocate more to stock funds, own portfolios with higher expected returns and diversify better.

Common Questions About Medicaid and Medicaid Planning

Estate planning and gifting strategies can be used to preserve assets, while still allowing a person to maintain eligibility for Medicaid.


Eight Ways Women Can Take Charge of Their Retirement

Eight Ways Women Can Take Charge of Their RetirementA recent survey found that women tend to lag behind men in terms of saving and planning for retirement. Here are eight suggestions for how women can take charge of their retirement plans.


Fit for All Seasons: Managing and Monitoring Your Portfolio

Portfolios occasionally get away from investors and become financial beasts. Unfortunately, there are no practical or useful mathematical formulas for portfolio management for the individual investor. However, guidelines can be developed to ensure that portfolio monitoring and revision are accomplished on a timely basis.

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If you had $10,000 to spend, do you think investing in the stock market would be a good idea?


Vote to answer this week’s Special Question: How has your opinion of investing changed over the last year?

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AAII Survey: Reviewing Readers’ Predictions for 2018, Looking Ahead to 2019

We look back on the sectors our readers thought would be the top performers for 2018 and what the top financial headlines for the year were. We also look ahead to see what our readers foresee in the new year.

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This e-book, which is available exclusively to AAII members, was written to help our members achieve a financially secure retirement. The book offers an overview of many of the primary considerations for retirement planning, including: how much you need to save; where your retirement income will come from; what asset classes you should invest in; and what you should take advantage of in your company’s defined contribution plan (if available).

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