Summary of 2016 Computerized Investing Articles



Since Computerized Investing just released its last issue of the year, we thought it would be a good time to review the collection of CI articles released during 2016. Use the list below to revisit favorite articles and discover new ones you may have missed this past year.


January 2016

Feature: Manage Your Investment Portfolio With Fund Manager

Beiley Software’s owner describes how to track the performance of your investments and your portfolios with his Fund Manager program.

Featured App: Built-in Podcast App on iOS Devices

Apple’s iOS app that allows users to download and listen to a wide variety of podcasts for free.

Robo-Advisers: 3 Reasons to Embrace the New Investment Technology Platforms

For investors, and investment advisory firms, robo-technology can offer specific advantages.


February 2016

Best of the Web: The Top 11 Sites for Personal Finance, Retirement Planning & Tax Resources

Feature: A Snapshot of Fourth-Quarter 2015 Earnings Trends Using Estimize

Christine Short, corporate earnings expert at Estimize, reports on projected growth as the current reporting season unfolds.

On the Internet: iVIEWMarkets for Analyzing Stocks and ETFs

A visually appealing and easy-to-understand website that offers a wealth of technical and fundamental data on stocks and ETFs.


March 2016

Feature: A Review of the Major Tax Preparation Services

With input from CI subscribers, we take a look at how TurboTax, TaxAct and H&R Block services stack up for helping you prepare your taxes this year.

Interviews: 10 Questions With Gail MarksJarvis

Chicago Tribune financial columnist and best-selling author Gail MarksJarvis answers 10 questions about her life with investing.

Spreadsheet Corner: How to Track Mutual Funds in Google Sheets

This demo of Google Sheets uses the Google Finance function to automatically pull data into a simple fund watchlist.


April 2016

Best of the Web: The Top 9 Sites for Mutual Fund & ETF Data, Ratings and Recommendations, and Screeners

Featured App: Stash Invest (for iOS, Android)

App provides an easy way to get started investing in ETFs.

Robo-Advisers: Why You Should Consider Using a Robo Adviser

The rise of online advisory services represents a revolution for the small investor.

Technically Speaking: Classic Technical Indicators: Introduction to a New Series, Part 1

CI’s new contributing editor, Raymond Rondeau, sets the stage for his series by outlining what investors should not expect technical analysis to do.


May 2016

Feature: Build and Manage Your Retirement Plan With MyPlanIQ

John Zhong of MyPlanIQ describes how his website uses model portfolios to help investors build and maintain diversified portfolios for their retirement plan based on their risk tolerance and allocation desires.

On the Internet: Stock Rover: A Faithful Research Companion

Alex Reisman of Stock Rover gives an overview of the online stock research platform.

Technically Speaking: Classic Technical Indicators: Introduction to a New Series, Part 2

In the second part of our interview with CI’s new contributing editor, Raymond Rondeau explains how technical indicators and processes can be used to an investor’s advantage.


June 2016

Best of the Web: The Top 9 Sites for Charting & Technical Analysis, Conference Calls & Corporate Events, and Fundamental Stock Data

Feature: Implementing the Weiss Blue-Chip Screen

Deriving screen criteria from Geraldine Weiss’ approach of investing in blue-chip stocks to build a stock screen that gives a prospective list of stocks.


July 2016

Featured App: Personal Capital for iOS and Android

A personal finance application for tracking your net worth.

Feature: Tapping Into the Dividend Well: Reinvesting With DRIPs

DRIPs offer many advantages to the individual investor interested in maximizing returns from long-term growth.

On the Internet: Setting Up a Retirement Account Online

Accumulating and managing the assets that will make up your retirement portfolio is made simple and easy with the use of an online brokerage account.


August 2016

Best of the Web: The Top 9 Sites for Company, Industry & Sector and Economic News and Analysis

Featured App: Technician by ChartIQ for iOS and Android

App provides a multitude of charting, watchlist and trading tools for traders on the go.

On the Internet: NewRetirement: A Holistic Approach to Retirement Planning

Website offers a retirement calculator and resources to develop a holistic retirement plan that can be adjusted based on your changing circumstances.


September 2016

Interviews: 10 Questions and More With AAII President John Bajkowski

Get to know AAII’s president John Bajkowski as an individual investor and hear about the early days of Computerized Investing.

Spreadsheet Corner: Calculating Intrinsic Stock Value in Excel

An easy-to-use spreadsheet that allows you to perform independent analysis to determine a stock’s fair value and see whether it exceeds the market price.

Robo Advisers: Possible Pitfalls of Robo-Advisers

Services that automate the investment decision process can be enticing, but an understanding of their limitations and weaknesses is crucial before you turn over your funds.


October 2016

Best of the Web: The Top 6 Sites for Portfolio Tracking, Analysis and Optimization

Feature: The Top Portfolio Management Software

The four best programs for managing your portfolio allow you to view breakdowns of assets, track your transactions and calculate performance.

Technically Speaking: Three Reversal Patterns Every Investor Should Know

Reversal patterns are useful to traders and longer-term investors alike since they signal when the underlying trend in a security is coming to an end.


November 2016

Feature: Benchmarking Your Investment Returns With a Computer

Checking the performance of your portfolio and individual securities depends on selecting the appropriate benchmark comparison.

On the Internet: Track and Compare Your Portfolio Using TipRanks’ Smart Portfolio

Website that ranks the performance of investment pros has added a portfolio tool for individual investors.

Robo Advisers: Robo-Adviser Asset Allocation, Performance and Securities

A comparison of the asset allocation models and securities that robo services use for different risk-return profiles.


December 2016

Best of the Web: Top 16 Sites for Stock Estimates, Ratings, Screening & Valuation

Feature: 2016 Best Broker Picks By NerdWallet

An investing writer for NerdWallet reveals the personal finance website’s current selections for top online brokers.

On the Internet: 5 Tools for Stock Research

The founder of website for stock valuation describes the popular features of the site.

PC Buyer’s Guide 2016

Choosing the best system for your needs and budget means knowing what each component does, and its relative impact on the performance of a computer.


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